3 Easy Steps to Make Money Online

I’m going to talk about how to make money online and how to build up a complete online business. I have followed a lot of people who didn’t tell me what I needed to do to actually make money online, and it hasn’t always been easy.

I want to share with you my online money making system. First of all you need a business opportunity, secondly you need a marketing system or your own website, and third you need traffic.

Step 1. Business Opportunity

If you just started with Internet Marketing I highly recommend you start looking for affiliate programs which can be a great revenue stream. Affiliate programs does not require an initial investment and does not require you to stock any merchandise.  My recommended affiliate networks to start with:

  1. Clickbank
  2. JVZoo

Both above affiliate networks are free to join as an affiliate.

Note: Please select only affiliate programs paying you recurring commissions – that you’ll earn money every month, not only one time.

You can also build multiple streams of income and earn a passive income. Developing multiple/passive income streams often requires money up front – but once it’s in place, you can keep getting a higher rate of return on your invested money for years to come.

All you need to do is to find a source of passive income opportunity that works for you.

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Feel free to click “Opportunities” in the main menu on this page, and check out the opportunities I’m involved in at the moment. All of the opportunities that are presented here are related to the cryptocurrency market.

Step 2. Marketing System

The easiest way to make money without a website, with little expense, and without any experience is to select a done for you marketing system or lead generation system which have all tools to collect leads etc.

Why a marketing system?

First of all, you need to collect your leads, build your own email lists – the money is in the list!

With you marketing system you’ll build your sales funnel for your affiliate product or service. As an affiliate marketer who are selling affiliate products or services should build a basic sales funnel, which builds you the most solid online business possible.

A basic affiliate sales funnel works by attracting potential customers (your leads) to sign up on your mailing list, and redirect them after they sign up to the affiliate offer. You have the leads in your list and can send them email follow ups that they take action and buy the product or service – and you earn your first commission.

If you have limited financial resources. I recommend you to start with a free marketing system called
Viral Team Builder (VTB).

Viral Team Builder is basically a marketing system/sales funnel with a fully automated turn-key system to help you make money online.

It has the following functions:

  1. You could build a targeted email list with Viral Team Builder.
  2. You could be earning referral commissions for each Viral Team Builder leads.
  3. You could use Viral Team Builder to promote upto 3 businesses of your choice.
  4. Train and educate you on how to become a internet marketer online.

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Step 3. Traffic

Getting traffic to your squeeze page is the beginning of your sales funnel. It doesn’t matter how persuasive your copy is, how compelling your offer is, or how value-laden your freebie is; without traffic pouring into the top of it, your sales funnel will wither and die.

A good way to get premium traffic to your squeeze page, especially when you’re just starting out, is to use solo ads.

One of the best sources for solo ads is Udimi. Udimi is world’s largest email solo ad community.Udimi that allows you to easily find other online marketers in your niche with huge e-mail lists you can use to send out an offer to.

Here you’ll find hundreds of reliable sellers and meet successful buyers.

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Check out the Traffic Methods I highly recommend below,  these traffic systems have not only helped me but also 100s of members in our team…

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I wish you great success in your online business!

Shared Success,